Behind The Scene
Friday, September 17, 2010
Let's pretend it's early August since this post was meant to be published back on Aug 6-7 haha.
Kay here goes :)

Went to Benton Junction and Imperial Cakery at Times Bookstore that located next to Universitas Pelita Harapan for GOWIGASA photoshoot last Sunday :) This time we got A LOT to update, so we brought 2 guys with us to *ahem* help us with the carry-ons and stuff. Now say hello to the guys!

This is my baby bro Julius, he looks so cute here! I wonder often why he got this Heart Breaker title since he's in elementary school, but now when I look at him, I think he's kinda cute, and he's quite a gentleman too, so maybe that's why :b

And this is Elden looking so peaceful & innocent, sleeping while GUIDING BB after I told him to wake up & guide our belongings while we're snapping some pictures!! (Useless threat since he slept anyway. Only now with elle's BB around his palm.) Wah I totally become a sadism everytime he's around. Can't help it since he's so wimpy hahaha..

Here comes the dishes! I put a lot of sambal sauce in the Cream Corn Soup cos it was tasteless *peh*.

Rice something I dunno…, Corn Soup with Extra Sambal, Beef Stroganof Spaghetti


Refreshing Tea (very recommended! I ordered 2 out of greed since it was so.. refreshingly sweet) and a cup of Hot Chocolate.

Heavenly dessert: Hot Chocolate Melt with Vanila Ice Cream. Oh and that's my crooked thumb :D

We still have some f&b left on the next table, but they're kinda messed up already thanks to me and my bro, so we didn't take any pictures -_-

After photoshoot for KNITTED Series♥ was over, now it's time for ESSENCE♥ photoshoot! Loaded the car with foods from Pandan Bistro first though, it's a real pity we didn't take any pics :( Foods were incredibly delicious: Cumi Goreng Tepung, Tahu Kipas, Kerang Kepa Saos Tauco, Mie Goreng Jawa… Good gracious, it wasn't fashion photoshoot, ladies and gentlemen. It was FOODSHION photoshoot!! Both photoshoot went like this: Click! Nom nom, Click! Nom nom, Slurp, Click! Slurp, Click! And so on until it's over.

Another behind the scene pic. A cool, silhouette-tic one with pretty uncool pose:

I swear I wasn't nose-picking in this pic!

Loving the results:

And here's my fave item as well :D

Kay time for cleaning up:

Hi, Yansen! So cheerful aye, my sister really taught him well at smiling for the camera LOL.

*brush brush*

Ok that's all. Yeah we girls got nothing to do with the chores hahahahaha *boys shaking heads, girls nodding in agreement*

And here's my favorite pic of the day:

Ok to seize all confusions, have you guys by any chance read Benny & Mice? If yes, you should probably know a character called 'Nenek Pengajian'. Here's her pic

Ain't they look alike?? HAHAHHAHAHA
I realized that the moment I saw her (back in Imperial Cakery)!! Told my sis "Gotta take a pic, gotta take a pic!!! Quick, pretend you wanna take my pic, and take her pic instead!"

Here's another pic of her with (probably) her grandchildren. Ooh, ain't she precious♥?

Ok that's all folks. Will blog later about our holiday trip, thank you :D

Photo courtesy of Elleyamada.

UPDATE -Monday, 15 Nov 2010
Sorry for the "Will blog later about our holiday trip" delay ><
I've promised myself though, that I WILL post it eventually since there are these LOADS of pics screaming "POST ME, POST ME!!" in my hardisk right now haha.. *self-ciayo*

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