Holy Man VS Lost Soul
Thursday, September 2, 2010
Junior high & high school remind me of those pretentious, self-righteous people asking me to go to some religious places with them and REPENT.

There was this Student's Counselor (I think that's the title they're giving him) who invited me every week to pray together with him in a private classroom. He'd tune the music on (wth) and started to pray..

"Dear Lord, (bla bla bla)" << I couldn't help to remember cos the minute the music started playing, I immediately relaxed & fell asleep.

At first, although his classes were pointless & super boring, at least he gave me nice nap times between my real classes. And yes, the other teachers seem to be really pissed on me they even let me skip their classes to 'consult my problems', pray & 'repent' with this Student's Counselor.

But then, the very same man, who 'prayed' for me and put relaxing music that put me to sleep, HE GOSSIPED ABOUT ME & MY FAKE PROBLEMS (Yeah I'm 100% sure it was him because I told him, and him alone about these fake problems in order to make him stop barging into my private life, and gain the wrong information instead hahaha.)

For starter, He'd ask me something like, "How's your parents doing?", "What's it like to be in your home?". And then it got worse, "Do you smoke?", "Do you do drugs??", "Have you been going to Satanic church???" WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.

So at first I'd just keep saying 'Yeah right', or rolling my eyes eternally for these unbelievably stupid questions he was asking me. But then I thought it would be fun to fool him with these fake stories called 'My Brutal Life'. So I told him things like, "Yeah my parents are going to divorce. They fought all the time so I ran away from home and made friends with this motorcycle gang. They're so cool! They gave me drugs, alcohol, blaralablablablah."

Would you believe this story? I wouldn't. But he DID. And it would be nice if he'd just, "OMG that's horrible, let me pray for your lost soul, let me tune on the music...".

But he gossiped with other teachers instead (after 'praying' for me, of course.) and somehow these self-righteous teachers just leered at me cynically (they always did that, but that time they decided to add a special feature on their faces: a mocking grin.) and say things like, "No wonder she got that attitude. What a broken home she has!" loudly to each other every time I entered their room. 'Yeah right' & eye rolling happened again.

I didn't bother to correct them though, why should I? Wouldn't change anything anyway. But since I know this Student's Counselor is a big mouthed hypocrite, I'd just say nice things about the other teachers to him. I call this: Hidden-Ass-Kissing-Attempt. And guess what, it worked like charm. Those teachers were becoming nicer to me, I graduated, end of story.

Back to the Student's Counselor. My point is: We're all human after all. We talk about each other frequently, especially if it's bad news, because -whether you admit it or not- it's our human nature to feel superior (or a tiny bit excited to make it less cruel) when we see our life is better than someone else's.

But he's a Student's Counselor for God's sake!!! THIS IS HIS PROFESSION, his job is to: listen to his students' problems, make them feel better (maybe with those prayers and music all right) and most importantly: TO KEEP THEIR SECRET SHUT, am I right??

He doesn't even genuinely CARE about me. If he does, the most important thing he'd do after listening to such a horrible story about his student's life is to give me some life wisdom perhaps, or a sincere sympathy at the very least (hey, I could tell which one is sincere or not, and his was definitely not). And maybe later he could call my parents (separately perhaps, since I've told him they're in a big quarrel etc), ask them what was exactly going on, maybe pray & calm them down, offer some solutions perhaps.. NOT JUST PRETEND TO PRAY AND GOSSIPS AFTER. "Hands that help are holier than lips that pray" anyway.

Okay maybe if he really DID talk to my parents, I'd be in a big trouble since my parents knew nothing about that lol. But can you imagine if those were my real problems, how devastated I would feel? Feel so lucky I made the right decision to LIE and did not trust this man!

Now all this Student's Counselor did was pray to God, asking me to repent. Note that he's a soft spoken man who has this tidy, neat look. Hell if he wasn't married and have children as well, I thought he was gay (the femme one)! But from what I saw, he didn't reflect the goodness in his religion much. Except for the praying part, perhaps. I don't care if he spread it (the gossips) innocently, accidentally, or whatever, but I dare say: This Student's Counselor is an EPIC FAIL as a counselor and as a representative of his religion as well.

So before you put your God as your middle name, ask someone to pray, go to some religious places, surrender to some Gods and REPENT, please make sure you've done some self-reflection first. If you've done that and feel holy enough, then go ahead and save some lost souls. God speed!

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